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Three Danes Wellness in Mine Hill runs a different kind of nutrition program. Using a flexible style of planning that is more sustainable and practical for your day to day life. This is the perfect supplement to your training!

Feeling Lost In The KITCHEN?

It's not a diet, its a system, and you don’t need to be an athlete to be able to participate! We provide the guidance, our coaches instruct you and modify your nutrition plan so its suitable for you!

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Finally make time for yourself, setup for success, and get more done in less time. Through experienced coaching, the right people, and a game plan for success, we focus on getting you the results you want.

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Its not a rigid diet, its a system that allows flexibility so you can make choices on the go!

focused on healthy habits

Its not just about the food, its about living stress free, sleep, and self-care.

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First Lady

Rogue is our adult female and can be found on the right side of our logo. She is strong and fast, but will more often rely on her wits and agility rather than her strength when wrestling with the other dogs. She is a quick learner and has an excellent memory; evidence of which can be seen by the grudge she still holds against Lorenzo for getting her pregnant over a year ago. She is always ready to eat and can be found in the kitchen during the preparation of any meal. She loves her doggie bed, sunshine, being warm, and sleeping as close as she can to the fireplace.


NCFIT Level 1 Trainer
CPR/AED Certified



Lorenzo is our adult male and is the dog in the middle of our logo. His personality is as large as his body, and unfortunately both seem to be continuously growing every day. His favorite toy is an oversized hedgehog we refer to as “hedgie”. He has a huge bark which is how he lets you know he is happy and excited. He is ridiculously loving and his biggest character flaw is that he truly thinks he is a lap dog, and that he has absolutely no idea how big he actually is. One of his best characteristics though, is that in spite of his large size and strength, Lorenzo is exceedingly gentle with small animals and children, quickly becoming a favorite of both. He is ridiculously fast, super strong, and loves to go on the trampoline.


NCFIT Level 1 Trainer
CPR/AED Certified


Vice President

Willow is the daughter of Lorenzo and Rogue, is our third Great Dane, and can be found on the left side of our Three Danes CrossFit logo. She is a truly gentle soul, loving and calm, and never really in a hurry to go anywhere. If you are telling her something she doesn’t want to listen to, she will often just close her eyes while you are talking to truly drive home her point that she is no longer listening to you. Willow is a quintessential “Daddy’s girl” and can often be found either wrestling or curled up with her dad, Lorenzo. Don’t let her gentle, quiet nature fool you; she is as fast and strong as her parents and can be, seemingly quite ferocious, when they are all wrestling and playing.


NCFIT Level 1 Trainer
CPR/AED Certified


President in Training

Although Leo is the newest member of our team he immediately became a huge member favorite with his super social and loving nature. He is very smart for being such a young pup, but obviously not smart enough to know not to bother Rogue (which seems to be one of his favorite pastimes). He is the resident “Gains Master” as he has put on over 50 lbs. in the first 2-1/2 months he has been with us! Just walk in the door and he will happily come greet you barking his hello – or look for Rogue and Willow…Leo will be right there too.


NCFIT Level 1 Trainer
CPR/AED Certified


Massage Therapist

Lenore is a busy wife, mother, friend, and massage therapist. She is idealistic and always wants to help. Sometimes this positive quality has her wearing many hats such as PTA mom, soccer coach, and Girl Scout Leader. Her family simultaneously keeps her sane and drives her crazy as all good families should.


While this compulsion to help can sometimes be overwhelming, it is also what drew her so powerfully to the profession of Massage Therapy. Lenore is a licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. Her highest goal is to help you feel better. She has been in this field for ten years and is passionate about learning and honing her skills. This drive allows her to approach each client and each massage individually and customize an experience tailored to their needs at that moment.

Lenore can help you with pain relief, relaxation, and wellness. She can help you relax, recover from injuries, reduce recovery time in between workouts, stretch tight muscles, and help improve circulation and range of motion. She looks forward to creating a healing experience for you and helping you with meeting your health goals.


NCFIT Level 1 Trainer
CPR/AED Certified


Level 1 Trainer

From May to October Jonathon spends his summer nights at the LBI sandy beaches, bay attractions, and family friendly environments. As a former high school and Division one basketball player, life after sports posed the question…Who am I without basketball and my teammates? Stepping into a Crossfit box helped redefine and guide me back into new athletic challenges and experiences. Also, the Crossfit methodology, nutritional strategies, and the community of members provided me with a daily opportunity to learn and rewrite my fitness journey and gain new teammates I now call friends.


No matter your age, fitness level, or goals, Three Danes is a community of people who come together each day to improve our health and fitness through effective training and nutritional strategies. I love being a part of the Danes Wellness Coaching team which embodies empathy, passion, and a positive presence. During each one of my classes I hope to look at each person at a time, considering their specific fitness level, and show you that I care about your goals. Jonathon is here to make you feel welcomed, a part of our family, and help you meet your goals.


NCFIT Level 1 Trainer
CPR/AED Certified


Level 1 Trainer

Holli may have just met you, but she is probably already your biggest fan. Holli is a science nerd with an undying love for Harry Potter and the 49ers. With a background in soccer and basketball, she realizes the importance of camaraderie and teamwork in order to achieve any goal or work through any challenges. Holli believes that if you can’t run, walk…if you can’t walk, crawl…just keep moving! You will find Holli coaching and supporting and laughing with members during both morning and evening classes. And even though she does many things behind the scenes here at TDW, she is always front and center to help you achieve your goals…in or out of the gym!


Marc has been doing NCFIT for over 4 years and is always looking to improve form and technique. He enjoys pushing his limits while attempting to master all of the many movements found in NCFIT. Throughout those 4 years, Marc could also often be found helping his fellow NCFITers; whether it was a quick tip on form or help with an advanced movement. He even likes to torture…um…”give help with”… exercises to remedy any ailments or mobility restrictions. He loves the variation of the workouts, the community, and the fact that anyone can do NCFIT. It’s all about continuous improvement and Marc will help you be your best.


NCFIT Level 1 Trainer
CPR/AED Certified


NCFIT Trainer

If this were your high school yearbook, Theresa would be found under “Most Likely to Make You Laugh” but in this case, “Most Likely to Face Plant While Demonstrating a Movement”. (Gold stars all around!)


All jokes aside, with her passions being fitness, food and dogs, Theresa certainly landed herself in the right place! She loved the NCFIT community and training so much, she got her level 1 certification in 2022 to begin coaching classes. When she’s not in class, she’s often meeting with new prospective members or “getting fixed” by Lenore (resident massage therapist and overall sorceress).

Her belief is that fitness is for ALL no matter your age, size or ability level and loves watching people progress and surprise themselves accomplishing different skills and movements that were originally outside of their comfort zone. Her favorite members to coach are the new ones and her own son – there is nothing better than having your kids watch you and participate!


NCFIT level 1 trainer
CPR certified


NCFIT Trainer

Shannon is a Minnesota girl who moved to NJ in 2000 to explore what life was like outside her small town, and never looked back. You will often find her either smiling, giggling or dancing.


In 2012 with the encouragement of her family and friends Shannon left her successful Corporate America job to pursue her dream with fitness, becoming a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Shannon uses her strengths as well as her own past challenging experiences to encourage others. Those past experiences, both failures and successes, have all come together in an imperfectly perfect way that both fuels her desire to help her clients but also allows Shannon to share her story as another means to motivate and help. Shannon believes the best gift as a trainer is when her clients notice the change within themselves, and especially beautiful to share the journey as she witnesses the shift in their own mindset.


NCFIT Level 1 Trainer,
W.I.T.S Certified Personal Trainer
HSN Nutrition Coach
CPR / AED Certified


Level 1 Trainer

Marc Sanzari fun fact – he used to be a meathead. True story. He did some Olympic Weightlifting in college and even tried competing once, but at the time his real passion was bodybuilding. He entered some NPC competitions as well, but ultimately got bored with the routine. He heard about NCFIT, but thought it was just a fad and of course, being a “gym guy,” didn’t want to lose any of those hard earned gains by doing high intensity workouts. After seeing top Games athletes like Rich Froning and Jason Khalipa, he realized that his gains were safe. He also realized that his cardio was severely lacking and he decided to give NCFIT a try. One class is all it took for Marc to fall in love.


Marc has been doing NCFIT for over 4 years and is always looking to improve form and technique. He enjoys pushing his limits while attempting to master all of the many movements found in NCFIT. Throughout those 4 years, Marc could also often be found helping his fellow NCFITers; whether it was a quick tip on form or help with an advanced movement. He even likes to torture…um…”give help with”… exercises to remedy any ailments or mobility restrictions. He loves the variation of the workouts, the community, and the fact that anyone can do NCFIT. It’s all about continuous improvement and Marc will help you be your best.


NCFIT Level 1 Trainer
CPR/AED Certified


CFL1 Trainer

Felicia (also known as coach Flea), is a hard working, skilled, highly motivational coach that will do anything to help someone reach their fitness goals. Her biggest passion is CrossFit (of course), and ironically – dogs! Outside of the gym she loves to surf, snowboard, hike, and do a bunch of high intensity activities. She is a former lacrosse, track, and hockey player and has stayed active her whole life. She has a degree in exercise science and is going to continue to pursue her studies for years to come.

She is also a former pharmacy technician so she knows a lot about health and wellness. Her favorite thing about being a coach is helping people learn a new skill and seeing the smile on their face when they finally get it. Her dream is to own both a gym and a dog shelter and have a doggie CrossFit gym to help find them homes! Sometimes she will even bring her puppy into the gym for members to play with.

You can often find her blasting music and having dance parties with members early in the mornings while she’s 4 espresso shots deep, cleaning LITERALLY everything in sight, or playing tug of war with Leo. If you’re taking one of her classes everyone is most likely laughing their butt off at a joke she made. If you come into the gym at any point during the day you will most likely find her doing her 3rd workout of the day and saying she wants more, or eating a bag of sour patch kids after some hard cardio. She also loves to participate in CrossFit competitions.

She is very driven and her passion for fitness is unmatched. She always pushes to be the best she can possibly be, and always puts in the work. She says if she could do nothing but hangout in the gym all day, she would. She is very big on recovery and nutrition and will push members to stretch and take care of themselves inside and outside of the gym. She has a great impact on others and people see her as a best friend and a coach all in one.

She will most likely compliment you within 2 minutes of speaking to her. She really knows how to wake up a tired room at our 5:30am classes and make everyone’s hour at the gym be the best hour in the day. Whikle she is obviously into fitness and healthy nutrition, she does loves food and sugar, and you can always count on her to bring some cookies or Reese’s into the gym. Always feel free to go up to her and talk to her about anything and everything, and she will gladly listen and help however she can.


CFL Level 1 Trainer
CPR/AED Certified


CFL1 Trainer

Coach Brian has always been into physical activity and fitness. Growing up and throughout school he always loved soccer, andbuteventually found his way into CrossFit with the goal of becoming a better athlete. He was hesitant at first but after the first class, he was absolutely hooked with the concept of continuously challenging yourself to be better than yesterday.

He has been doing CrossFit since 2018 and has been coaching since 2020. He is currently an L1 trainer with plans to get higher certifications in the future. His favorite thing about coaching is teaching an athlete a new skill and seeing their face light up when they get it for the first time.

Seeing athletes he coaches hit PRs makes him just as excited as hitting his own. He is constantly searching for new information about CrossFit and how to be a better coach, and works every day towards being the best coach he can be.


CFL1 Trainer
CPR/AED Certified

James Simonelli

Level 2 Trainer, Owner

James is often found making food, exhibiting odd dance moves, and sometimes can be found communing with animals. He would much rather swap recipes than gossip, and is often ridiculed for his preference for wall walks and burpees. He’s not really sure how he ended up living with three Great Danes, but admits that it does make for a pretty cool name for the box. He’s a big proponent of not taking yourself too seriously, trying your best, and enjoying every moment. Safety is his number one concern, and he can often be heard telling people that he wants them to be able to come back, so that he can torture them again.

James fully embraces a mind, body and spirit philosophy, and in recent years has been exploring and studying this aspect of well being further. He is committed to helping others achieve their goals, whether related to fitness, nutrition, or achieving mental and emotional balance. James is father to 12-year-old twins, and tries to lead by example as a parent and in all aspects of his coaching and fitness work. He finds no greater joy than watching the look on someone’s face when they persevere and achieve their goal. He can often be found laughing, encouraging others, talking about food, or learning about something new.

“Wellness is happiness with who you are, what you do, and how you feel.”


NCFIT Level 2 Trainer
HSN Nutrition Coach
HSN Kids Nutrition Coach
ISSA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
Reiki Master/Teacher Certified Practitioner
CPR/AED Certified
B.S., Cook College, Rutgers University


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