Sneakers in September Campaign

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Every year over 15,780 children are diagnosed with cancer in the United States. Every day, 7 of those children are taken from their loved ones because of the cancer.

Sneakers in September is Max Cure’s fun way to bring light to childhood cancer awareness while raising money for our mission. This September you can contribute by dropping off your old unused sneakers at Three Danes CrossFit.

In today’s world of constant and instant communication, there is no shortage of information about a wide variety of charitable causes.  And there are certainly many of them! This is one that we can all support without any effort or cost, and actually maybe even reap a benefit of our own.

I’m talking about the Max Cure Foundation’s DUNK YOUR KICKS program. 

The story behind the Max Cure Foundation is a great one, and is based upon a 4 year old boy who is now a 9 year cancer survivor.  Max’s story and details about the foundation and their mission can be found at Their DUNK YOUR KICKS program is one way that we can all support the Max Cure Foundation. Through the Dunk Your Kicks program, the MCF collects used sneakers, running shoes, and other forms of footwear. They then work with an international footwear recycler called Rethink Nation, which sells the used sneakers at an affordable price in developing countries where access to proper footwear is limited. Max Cure then receives up to $1.00 for each pair of shoes donated.

Three Danes CrossFit is proud to now be a collection point for the DUNK YOUR KICKS program and there is a collection box located in the Member’s Lounge where your used sneakers and running shoes can be placed. So we get to support the fight against pediatric cancer, help developing countries gain access to footwear, and we get to clear out some room in our closets!  Sounds like a win for everyone involved.

So bring your shoes in and throw them in the box and join us in supporting this great cause…this is an easy one to get behind and support.