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in-body scan

InBody Scan

See what you're actually made of.

Three Danes Wellness offers nutrition coaching services and has an InBody onsite to measure your progress. The InBody is a highly accurate scale and body composition measuring device. It not only measures body weight, but also the even more important metrics of:

Lean Body Mass vs. Body Fat %

It's an invaluable tool in helping measure and track your progress and make adjustments to your health and wellness plan.

Look beyond your weight and see what you are made of.

Find out exactly how what you are doing is affecting you and your body. Schedule an appointment for an InBody Scan today and let us show you just exactly what you are made of and help you make a plan to achieve your goals. Call or e mail today!

$30 for (1) InBody Scan*

$55 for unlimited scans/month*

*member pricing; non-member $35/ $75


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Massage Therapy

Your body will thank you.

Massages feel amazing, and are good for you! Come in to relax and get rid of unwanted muscle tension. Massages help to increase circulation, stretch tight muscles, and release adhesions within the tissue. They can help your body recover faster from injuries and recover faster between workouts. It can reduce pain and improve your flexibility. We can do a full body session, or focus on your problem areas.

We will always customize your massage based upon your individual needs.

Your session can incorporate many healing modalities to provide the best treatment for you. Our therapist is trained in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique, Pre-natal Massage, and more. Excellent for overall body care and maintenance. Take care of yourself, and schedule a session today. You deserve it!

$45 for 30 minutes

$85 for 60 minutes

$110 for 90 minutes




a Japanese healing technique.

Translated as ‘Spiritually guided life force energy’, Reiki utilizes this energy to treat the entire person and work towards achieving a balanced state of wellness for the whole body; physical, emotional, and mental. Reiki is gentle and non-invasive, and can therefore complement medical treatments for most health conditions.

Session with Master/Teacher level certified practitioner $85


Birthday Parties

Celebrate here at TDCF!

Up to 20 children will be supervised as they run, jump, and play on all the equipment TDCF has to offer. We will design a program just for your child ensuring a solid 2 hours of fun! Price includes 1 hour of supervised games, 30 minutes on our full-size professional bouncy house, and 30 minutes for cake and presents. We can customize the schedule in any way to better suit your needs. Let TDCF take care of your party planning needs!

Birthday Party for up to 20 children, including 2 trained coaches, and bouncy house $295

Athletic teams, Corporate businesses, groups of any type- TDCF is available to work with you and your group to have your next meeting or event here at our box.