The best testimonial is the one from people who know us. They know who we are, what we stand for, what we represent, and what we try and accomplish every day. We asked our members to tell us why... Why CrossFit? Why Three Danes CrossFit? Here are some of their reviews...

Three Great Danes Testimonials

What They're Saying

New to CrossFit

I’ve only taken 2 classes at this box, but I have to say I am very happy with the coaches I have had. They focus on correct form and not rushing you through the WODs. I highly recommend this box to any beginners or experienced CrossFitters."
- 8.6.18 Danielle I.

"Awesome Crossfit box!! Very welcoming and knowledgeable staff...Jim is an awesome trainer!! and the dogs just add a touch of home…"
- 7.27.18 Jason R.

"Today I started at Three Danes and was extremely nervous. I've never tried CrossFit before, ever, and had only a vague idea of what to expect. Carl was fantastic and incredibly patient with me, even when I was having trouble getting my form correct. I would definitely recommend stopping by for a great workout, and I'll definitely be back!"
- 7.25.18 Erin L.

Great Coaching Staff

"Knowledgeable coaches and fun workouts. Coaches are all super nice and welcoming."
- 7.20.18 Jenna F.

"Awesome coaches great work outs and huge Danes"
- 7.14.18 Cindy H.

"Fantastic box with super friendly people, incredibly accommodating coaches and a great feel!"
- 7.13.18 Vanessa M.

Friendly Environment

"Great facility! Very welcoming and great coaching staff. James was very helpful and informative."
- 7.13.18 Stephen R.

"Excellent gym with a friendly environment. The coaches and staff are very knowledgeable and the facility and equipment are top notch. A wide range of classes and times are available to members along with special events. If you are new to crossfit or experienced don't hesitate to give this gym a try! Very happy I stopped in myself one of the better crossfit boxes in the area and the puppies are awesome."
- 7.12.18 Edan P.

"Great WOD- Awesome Coaches- Friendly Community!!!"
-5.15.18 Sari K.

Great Facility

"Was excellent workout, friendly place and coaches"
- 4.27.18 David T.

"I've worked out at a few different CrossFit gyms and this is by far the nicest facility i've ever been to. Super high ceilings, member lounge, supplements and gear for sale, you name it. And The equipment is absolutely dialed. It's like you can't wait to find out what toys you get to play with each WOD. The coaches and programming are some of the best i've experienced as well. They somehow manage to work with each member like its a private session, and really bring out things you didn't think you could do. Place is so much fun. Highly recommend Three Danes to anyone looking for the ultimate Crossfit experience."
- 4.20.18 Tim D.

"Awesome facility & great coaches (love those Danes too!"
- 4.19.18 Nelson Y

Fitness Goals

"Over the past 3 years I’ve seen- through Facebook postings- my husband’s cousin transform from a typical 30 something to a serious triathlete. I found myself looking for something that would help me find the fitness, strength, and agility that she had. I knew I couldn’t train alone- I’ve never-and I mean never- worked out before, and I had no idea what to do. I’m also high energy, like things that are useful, and am easily bored; so the thought of doing the same workout over and over, with no point, just didn’t work for my mindset. But crossfit does. The coaches provide clear and helpful instruction, so even I can do the movements. The work outs make you push yourself, and the constant variety is definitely not boring. The movements are actually useful and I’ve found myself using them during my day! For example two days after doing a scaled down version of handstand push-ups- which I thought was ridiculously not useful at the time -I found myself cleaning out my car, using the same movements! I have more endurance and strength now than I’ve ever had, and I actually like going to work out."

-Ruth P, 4.18.18Long valley, NJ

Quality of Life

"I’m 38 and have always been active my whole life. I started crossfit 3 years ago and have noticed serious physical changes to my body. Lost fat and gained muscle quick. Crossfit has improved my everyday life as a contractor. Especially the way I lift items at work or even my kids. The owner and Coaching staff at 3Danes is top notch. They watch every movement and correct as needed. I’ve always had lower back issues and Coach James always takes the time to make sure that I’m doing the right weight, form and work out to improve my lower back. And its never felt better. I love the camaraderie at ThreeDanes. Taking classes is like working with a team. Youre never on your own. Everyone always has your back and cheers you on during the WOD’s. Oh and Crossfit is not a cult, its AWESOME!"

-Bud S, 4.10.18Long Valley, NJ


"I belonged to traditional gyms since after high school, basically just bodybuilding/weight lifting. I did some Oly lifting in college but only for a year or so. I rarely did any cardio except when I competed and it was low intensity. I realized how out of shape I actually was when I went running with a friend and I could barely keep up...and he smoked. I decided to finally try CrossFit and I fell in love with the variety, all the new challenging movements, and the main reason I started, MUCH better conditioning. I've always been athletic and healthy and now I do CrossFit to keep me that way."
- 4.8.18 Marc S.