To be the best functional fitness facility we can possibly be. To provide our members and trainers a safe, clean, healthy environment in which to work, train, learn and grow. To create and maintain a facility which is open and available to all with no restrictions based upon any category or classification.

Our Goal

Very simply put, we want you to live better and feel better

We want to help you achieve your goals. When that happens, your happiness level increases. And when that happens, everyone wins: you, your family, your friends, and us. You then start to create a positive ripple effect of increased health and wellness. It’s an amazing process that we’re proud to be a part of.

Three Danes CrossFit Vision and Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Consistently encourage positive and healthy changes to promote overall wellness

Coach the movement of your body through all of our activities. Help you to continuously strive to achieve maximum levels of strength, effectiveness, efficiency, and of course, safety.

Our Approach

To safely push our members past their comfort level

To achieve progress in improving on your general physical skills (cardio/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, balance, agility, and accuracy). We do this by diligently and persistently helping you make incremental changes every day to achieve your goals. All of this is done in a positive, upbeat, friendly, and supportive manner…always encouraging. We also lead by example--all our coaches strive to achieve a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle and are always more than happy to discuss their own individual ideas and approaches towards their own health, fitness, and nutrition.

House Rules

What we expect of you

  • BE ON TIME. Even better, be early! Show up, sign in, be social, and warm up.
  • HAVE FUN. We strive to push you to achieve, but always want you to have fun.
  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO NEW MEMBERS. We were all new once, and we all remember those first people who made us feel at ease and welcome. Let’s build our community.
  • RESPECT THE EQUIPMENT. Our equipment was expensive! We worked hard to bring you what we consider to be the best equipment available. Please treat it with care. Don’t drop weight unless necessary. And never drop an empty bar.
  • LEAVE YOUR EGO AT HOME. You ever hear of “Our warm-up is your workout?” Well, it works both ways. Someone, somewhere is warming up with your one rep max.
  • BE AWARE AND BE KIND. Encourage others during workouts.
  • WORK HARD, TRY HARD. Don’t slack off when you know you can perform better. Jump higher, run faster. Don’t ever use the “can’t” word. You can, and you will.
  • LISTEN TO YOUR COACHES. They are certified, trained, and professional. Don’t offer advice to others, offer encouragement.
  • TAKE PRIDE IN KEEPING TDW CLEAN AND ORDERLY. Please pick up after yourself, and put things back where they belong. Take pride in our facility, it’s ours together.
  • LET US KNOW. If something is wrong or needs to be fixed, tell us.
  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Tell your Trainer immediately if you are feeling unwell. That includes any issues with pain, excessive fatigue, dizziness, or discomfort.

Member Bill of Rights

What you can expect from us

You are why we are here. So, your experience and your ability to reach your goals and improve your quality of life is very important to us.

At TDW, we promise to:

  • Always be on time and prepared.
  • Adjust workouts as necessary to suit your individual needs.
  • Make sure you are coached during each and every class you attend.
  • Behave in a professional manner.
  •  Explain WHY any exercise is relevant.
  • Correctly invoice your account or make adjustments immediately.
  • Return your phone call or e-mail within 24 hours.
  • Provide you with a clean and safe place to train.
  • Treat every client with equal respect.
  • Maintain the strictest confidentiality.
  • Strive to improve/learn to provide the very best coaching and instruction.
  • Have an open-door policy for visitors, families, and friends.
  • Welcome your feedback and input at all times.